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Angular JS

Top Mistakes AngularJS Developers Should Avoid

Top Mistakes AngularJS Developers Should Avoid
Posted by Shubham Tiwari on Dec 14, 2016

Angular JS, one of the most used web application framework for web solutions has taken the world by storm. Intricately coded with Javascript, Angular JS proves to be one of the flexible and popular tools for web development.

Experience often teaches us to avoid paths that often lead us to pitfalls and choose the appropriate path. A wise person is not always the one who learns from his mistakes but also learns from others mistakes. Here are a list of mistakes that AngularJS developers usually make, and today let us go through them so that we may not commit the same mistakes.

Have a quick glance at some of the decisions that brought inaccuracy to the end results of development.

1. Not using the event handler quiet efficiently:

There are times when a developer does not handle the events appropriately as he sticks to a standard method neglecting a website's demands. The magnanimity to accumulate all the data often leads to coding data without taking care to segregate it properly. Care should be taken to not mix your logic and display to avoid complications.

2. Managing modules:

Initially, a developer tries to develop all the functions and codes in one module which proves to be quite effective. But with the passing of time and inculcation of more codes, it becomes quite difficult to handle. When developing for a big project, a single module will not be able to bear the weight of the numerous codes and functions and hence it becomes necessary to have features within the module to make it simple and elegant.

3. Inappropriate testing methods:

Most of the time a developer prefers the manual checking in case a code is broken or to check the working of a code. Seldom do they understand the need for inculcating a TDD(Test-driven development) method to test an AngularJS application. It offers some of the most powerful tools that makes testing a fun and harmonious process.

4. Not following the scope binding process:

AngularJS comes with its own set of scopes. An AngularJS developer sometimes violates the scope and nesting process that causes a disturbance in the programming of a website and hence care should be taken that the scope nesting rules should be followed for an eloquent output.

5. Not finding the need to use Batarang:

There are times when AngularJS developers do not find it quite intimidating to make use of Batarang. Batarang is an extension of the chrome browser which is used for developing and debugging. It greatly helps in displaying the watch tree that proves to be useful at the time of using a large number of watchers.

6. Inadequate use of tools:

AngularJS is one of the dynamic frameworks that has a lot to offer, where the developer can very well make use of all the tools that it has on its platter for quality web solutions. Sometimes an AngularJS developer fails to utilize all of its tools efficiently, leaving out the scope to increase the performance of a website.

7. Making apt use of MVC directory framework:

AngularJS has one of the best frameworks that hastens the development process if followed effectively. When you work with an MVC framework make sure that the files are not combined haphazardly to avoid commotion at a later stage. Making use of the MVC directory proves to be fruitful to hunt files according to a certain feature.

Shubham Tiwari

Shubham Tiwari LinkedIn

A Google Analytics Certified Professional handles the position of Sr. SEO Manager at Techno Infonet. He has expertise in SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and so on.

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